We are looking for a Lead Singer to front our All Canadian Classic Rock Project. (MALE OR FEMALE) Must have a strong and wide vocal range and be able to entertain a crowd.If you play keys that would be a big asset. Must be of age to drink in Ontario
Currently we are building out set lists with some of the greatest Canadian Rock every recorded. The Guess Who - Kim Mitchell/Max Webster - April Wine - Triumph - Honeymoon Suite Trooper - the tragically Hip and much more. We are currently Drums, Bass, 2 Guitars. You can message us on our facebook page @scruffy2019murphy or email us at scruffymurphy2019@gmail.com.
We are planning to be ready when Ontario re opens the bars and clubs and allows live music again.
Please send a couple of videos of you singing and a list of what you have done in the past.
Gigs - 2 weekends a month Both Friday and Saturday nights
Summer Festivals and Canada Day and Private Parties.
Plans are to play around the GTA as far west as Hamilton as far west as Whitby and as far north as Barrie

AUDITIONS Begin July 16th at the Rehearsal Factory 1611 Finfar Court Mississauga.
You will be provided with 8 songs to sing and a time and date to come in and Audition. Our choice will be notified after we decide.