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Looking for Lead Vocalist

We’re a laid back but disciplined five piece (lead vocals, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards) band of experienced gig musicians, aged 40’s to 60’s. Music is a treasured hobby for us, not a livelihood. We value being with each other socially and hate band politics. We show up on time and song-ready to rehearse consistently twice per month, and when we play, we kick ass!

Musical Vision:
We create and tightly-execute performance sets of highly danceable music - any era or genre, including danceable guitar rock, pop, funk, disco, country, and techno.

When presented with the opportunity, we’ll perform at charity gigs, private parties, and occasional bar gigs, and also love jam nights just for fun and creativity.

Contact: If you are interested in being part of a musical experience that puts a perpetual smile on your face, then please respond by emailing James at