I'm looking to be the frontman of an original band. I'm a singer and songwriter, so have some material stacked up, but am looking forward to writing stuff as a collaborative. Also, I'd like to think I have a pretty good look and voice.

looking for all of it;
bass, guitar, percussion, keys, etc etc etc.
I'm not confident on guitar, but do write on it If you've got knowledge of synths, pedals, whatever the jazz, that'd be radical also.

I envision the band as being kind of alternative, maybe with some U2 or Coldplay spaceyness, as I have some more thoughtful tunes. Or just 70s folk-rock. My voice can sound like the doobie brothers sometimes. It could be anything along those lines, definitely on the softer side.

I don't actually listen to a lot of music, I just like to write, sing and perform. Melody and soul are generally important to me as I first came to music through poetry.

I'm completely devoted to this path in life and would like to get together with some like souled fellows and make some magical moosic (gigging etc).

Also, I'm 25.. Looking for younger guys without responsibilities. Not opposed to gals. HAHA. Well, seriously. I'm committed, ub2.

Have a look at that to get a sense of my vox.

PEACE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~