Have you ever seen someone singing in a cafe or bistro and thought to yourself that you would like to do that? Did you sing in your younger days but were distracted by life's obligations? Looking for a good social and artistic outlet? Interested in singing at up-scale events and functions? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, then you may be the right fit for us. We are polished gentlemen (a guitarist and pianist) in our 50’s and have been interested in jazz, jazzy pop crossovers and latin-inspired music for a few years now.
We are looking for someone who enjoys singing. We are not not looking for a pro. We are looking for someone who would like to sing many genres of music and not get boxed into one or two exclusive genres. We are looking for someone who would like to perform at high-end functions, outdoor venues, street festivals, family reunions, marinas, bistros, etc… We are looking for someone who presents well; who is polished, mature and open-minded. We are not looking for a jobber who just wants to make this project one of her ten bands. We are not looking for someone who thinks that she can quit her day job and put bread on the table playing music. We are not looking for someone who thinks the money is more important than the craft. If you play an instrument yourself, that is good! To be perfectly honest, we are looking for a singing partner in her late-30’s, 40’s or 50’s so that we at least look like we are from the same “vintage”.
We rehearse at Bathurst and Steeles so proximity for rehearsal purposes should also be considered. We could rehearse at our place or yours.
During these Covid times, gigs are probably not that easy to get but our experience as musicians has taught me that if we are half-way decent, we will eventually get referrals and repeat gigs and the opportunities will come.
If this sounds like you then please see our page on Facebook where we have posted some ideas and influences that explain the direction that we would like to go in. Go to Facebook and search for Mike Bergeron. There is a black electric guitar as the profile photo. Go through some of the entries and if you think that there is some common ground that could be the basis for collaboration, please text us at 416-666-6939.
If this is not for you but know of a singer, please share this ad with her.