Going live and getting paid for your virtual shows from any location just got easier.

MUSICIANZ.LIVE is a live video network that allows musicians, artists, songwriters, promoters, experts, workshop leaders and event producers to price, schedule, promote and deliver live streaming broadcasts and video calls to audiences of any size.

No minimum views are needed – you can go live with an audience of any size – and no minimum payout limits.

Create a virtual relationship with your fans, clients and followers to offer them value that will then turn them into more leads for your services. Extend your audience reach and new income with MUSICIANZ.LIVE.

Here are a few ideas on how to make more money from your skills, talents and expertise:

- Live broadcast your concert or favourite songs from anywhere
- Live Q & A about song writing or VIP backstage experiences
- Show them how to play songs or do something more creative
- Virtual music class with individuals and private groups
- Talk about some of your favourite instrument “must-haves” or how to use certain equipment
- Share your tips on how to produce live music or work with agents
- Share a simple lesson with them to setup private music classes
- Show them different ways to use instruments or recording techniques
- Live Q & A on how to become a musician or songwriter or talent agent
- Do a live broadcast showing off your studio or backstage and introduce your band (make sure it looks organized and somewhat clean before). People like to know the people behind their music experiences
- Record a video of one of band members using a new sound technique

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas on what you can do on MUSICIAN.LIVE. Again, it doesn’t have to be some elaborate production. It could be as simple as showcasing something, showing them how to do something or simply sharing a story about yourself as a music expert.

Register now at https://www.musicianz.live/MDLReg to live stream from your home, studio or club.

We are going live in October 2020 - join us and earn more income from your talents.

For more information, contact me or visit https://www.musicianz.live

Stay safe and take care.