Contact James Marrin

If you have same vision for a band hit me up:

- Theatrical
- want to make a band that actually means something to people and helps people
- want it to be punkish, popish, with elements of rock and even musical theatre
- I made a playlist of kinda influences which you can find here:

- I want to create stories through albums make it really theatrical and stuff that people can relate to while still playing fun more upbeat music
- I want to make it in the industry and make this band a priority in my life

Since it is Covid right now for now we would write songs, plan the theatrical aspects of our band, and connect via online. Post Covid we would play shows in around Toronto and the GTA and practice at my place in Markham. If you are interested send me a video showcasing your talents (playing your instrument plus any song you have written yourself)!!

No requirements on where you live as long as you can come to at least a weekly practice in Markham, Ontario and are available on most weekends for shows in Toronto and around the GTA (Post Covid)