My names john n I'm a death"style"metal vocalist with 20 years experience.Im also a artist that loves making creepy shit!I have alot of ideas that goes beyond music,quite a bit more but it's really cool,trust me!I dont want to sound like anyone,but I do have a direction I'd like to head in...I'm a fan of the new slamming deathcore like Distant,Bound in Fear n lately Paleface...for me downtempo is an example of how certin tunes make me feel violent,bitter,like a soldier at times gladly running into his demise...all those nice warm and fuzzy feelings I get from hatefuly violent chugging riffs n blasting ferocity of double kickers smashing along...so I guess if i could pick my sound I'd like its thick probably 7 string guitars,deep n full strums of a 5 string bass...and drums that can leave my mind spinning over insanely smooth transitions...I like a mean groove,chugging,long held notes sometimes kinda bent or warpedsick sounding,galloping rhythms...I like a almost military like drumming at times to give me a challange to spit sum poison out would be nice I'm gonna attach my latest tune I recorded and mixed a few nights ago using a fork I found of a deathcore style instrumental n turned out awesome...so if u wanna talk about making something crazy link me n let's write man.