Hi my name is Dean *** I am looking to sing/guitar/keys for a 2 or 3 pc rock band ***
I am a solo acoustic artist, I have been playing local bars in the Hamilton area for the past 8 years. My song list is over 50 rock songs.

*** I am now looking to join a 2 or 3 pc rock band ***

Band must want to play out a lot
$$$ Almost every weekend $$$
Singer[ DEAN ] plays: Guitar/Keys/Bass/Harmonica, Over 40 years of experience. Owns Pro equipment and 8 track digital recorder and many originals.
Willing to learn any song I can sing, or share the vocals.

Bands I sing best: Collective Soul, ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Bush, Guns and Roses, Tragically Hip, Black Sabbath, STP and many more.

Please email if you are interested

Thanks Dean 289 684 1208