Established Toronto-based alternative (pop-)rock band The Nameless Citizens is looking for a keys player.

We have a full setlist (and more) of original songs. Influences include Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, John Mayer (bluesy stuff), Dire Straits, Sting, Eagles, Radiohead (OK Computer), Coldplay, U2.

Some of our tracks:

We're @thenamelesscitizens on instagram

We’d be rehearsing once a week to start out and we’ll see what we need. (Would love to switch to more to really polish the act).
Regarding future plans we take the project seriously and try approach it strategically. In the year before the pandemic our focus was establishing unity on stage and a local network with clubs etc. Going forward we want to double down on building a brand and expanding our following on social media and for live shows as well. The goal is to turn this into something at least semi-professional in two years. We want to build a roadmap to that collectively with the band, set incremental goals and keep pushing forward together.

You'll fit right in if you:
- are strong on your instrument and have good experience playing in bands, playing live, recording, all that jazz
- approach music with humility, openness, professionalism (even though you're not a professional full-time musician just yet) and have fun with it all
- can read a chord chart, learn a part on your own by ear, and understand basic music theory (scales, 4 note chords, etc)
- can do backing vocals and vocal harmonies
- own your own instrument and gear
- live in Toronto proper or have your own mode of transportation
- are between 25-40

If you're interested, get in touch with us! To start, please send a couple of examples of your playing (preferably video) to: