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Multi-instrumentalist looking for some real peeps to do up a cross of krautrock, punk, spiritual/shamanic juju and lots of NOW. (Think Neu 2 side one and you're off to the races).

Either a lead guitarist or a soundscapist doing up Kevin Sheilds style walls of noise, with other instruments on top, or a drummer. To do the whole NEU style drumming, crossed with Loop's style of drumming....or...better, YOUR style.

Guerilla shows are on my mind these days. They can't stop us from bringin' it out. You know how to kick out the jams, right mother f*cker?! 😀

Age irrelevant, but ya gotta be able to ride the waves off your instrument; however you read that.

I have vintage gear, record at home on reel to reels, etc, and am happy to hold a deep bass line groove till hell freezeth ovah ovah.

Can you tell I listened to The Fall growing up-ah?

Used to front The Vulcan Dub Squad, then did Snake and Crane. Ready to come out of the shadows after a long time. Ideally would like a drummer (Klaus Dinger!) and guitarist (Ron Asheton!). I also want to play synthscapes and my combo organs too.....but I don't have as many arms as Vishnu. Yet. For now I've got the bass, my mate (leader of Animatist), has got a git, only thing missing is you. Can always do drums electronically till someone steps up.

Lmk if keen, I'm in the process of doing some demos to get the point across that i can send you to czech.