We're a newly formed punk band looking for a drummer that can play at ludicrously fast speeds to complete our line up.

We need someone who's able to commit to once a week rehearsals; we both have jobs but make time to meet weekly. Also be willing to do shows, record and tour.

No flakes, rockstar bs, attitudes or egos.
We're hoping to find someone who's able to communicate well, get along with the rest of us and deal with the mishaps that come with being in a band while keeping a level head.
Most importantly, we want someone who's in it for the long haul and wants to have some fun playing speedy punk rock.

No experience necessary, just be able to play fast and actually show up. Don't care if you've played for the biggest rockstars or haven't gotten out of your garage, just have the right attitude. This isn't a job interview, either, so you can send a million references of you playing all you want but what makes a difference is actually stopping by to jam in person to see if you jell with the rest of us or not. If you stop by for a jam and you find it’s not for you, then no hard feelings.

Our sound is typical 82 hardcore with Ramones/Buzzcocks poppier moments and metallic elements thrown in for good messure. Some influences are: Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Ill Repute, Ramones, Descendents, Motorhead, 7 Seconds, Void, Bad Religion, The Faith, Slayer, (old) Metallica, DRI, SS Decontrol, Adrenalin OD, Buzzcocks, Damned, Marginal Man, The FUs, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Germs, ALL, Asexuals, DOA, Doughboys.

We jam down on Polson street, right by cherry beach.

We’re planning on recording a demo tape soon and, once we finalize our line up, start doing some shows. If you think you’d be a good fit drop us a line!