Hey folks.
I write "old country" rusty barroom sing-alongs. They have a little bit of grit, a little bit of sorrow, and that feeling of home.
I am a song writing machine with a full album written, and many more on the go.
I hear the rust of Tom Waits, the nostalgia of Neil Young, the ear worm styles of Johnny Cash, and the angst of Kurt Cobain.

I have the vision. Just need the band.
I'm looking for a lead guitarist, and maybe a slide guitar?
A makeshift drummer that thinks outside the box (Think Tom Waits percussion)
A stand up bassist would be amazing, but bass guitar will work as well.
I play rhythm guitar and sing, but hopefully others can sing backups.

I am a gay Indigenous man. If you have a problem with that, just be on your way!

I live downtown. I don't drive. I have no jam space. Just a talented songwriter.
I DO have a degree in audio production and engineering, with a business major in the entertainment industry, as well as a degree in mixing and mastering from Metalworks Institute.

You wanna climb on board this burning ship to the bottom of the sea?