Contact David

We are in our 40's with jobs/families etc and have been playing together for 8+ years, gigging regularly in the GTA prior to the pandemic and now have a master song list well rehearsed and ready to go (see below). Our band lives in the west end of the GTA so we tend to rehearse & book shows in that area. Lately we have been rehearsing at Cherry Jam (154 Islington) on weeknights.

We aim to rehearse about 2x/month and are looking to get back to booking shows ASAP. Not looking to cram the calendar, probably 6-12 shows/year would be our goal.

We are looking for someone that:
- has vocal range & versatility. i.e can go from Pearl Jam to RATM to radiohead etc
- has solid pitch
- will follow through on scheduled commitments
- is able travel around the GTA for rehearsals / gigs.

If you can play acoustic guitar and/or keys that is a huge plus.

Youtube channel:

Our current song list: