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Like the title says Rock n Roll. Springsteen, Clash, Stones, Petty, Hendrix, Peppers, QOTSA Anything I can sing. Outlaw Country, Brit Pop, who the hell knows. I can also do harmonies for another singer.
Tons of performance exp. Looking for band or like-minded individuals. Performers must be competent high energy players. No Wallflowers or Shoegazers... I want people to feel that this band they're seeing for the price of beer they could be paying 100 or more bucks to see on a huge stage. Hell let's aim for that huge stage!
Maybe you're already in a band with friends who just aren't at your level. Why put up with that. I let friends and bandmembers hold me back for years until when I finally pursued a good original band it was too late to put the time in. We had label interest buzz... I'm sure some of you have been there.
Now I'm old but I ain't dead! I can still rip up a stage and always impress the hell out of people. If you also work full time and/or just wanna be a fucking Rockstar on Weekends and blow crowds away get in touch and let's