Contact Oscar Lemmond

Hello! Classic Rock/ Vocal Group here, looking for some members. We’re in need of a lead guitarist who can also lend vocals to the group, preferably a tenor or higher, and bassist or rhythm guitarist, also able to sing. We are aged 21, and 26. We’re playing original music written by myself, but if you write as well, and your music fits our sound, I’d love you to contribute that way, and have some people in the group to bounce songs and write with.

If you’re thinking of reaching out, know that we’re going to need you available at least once a week for rehearsal, as well as for contributing to lo fi recordings along the lines of what I’ve done on my own.

Album I put together a while back, recorded to a much higher standard then the demos:

Rough demos of the songs we’re playing and early mixes of what I’m recording: