This is an ad for VOCALIST for a recording project of 2 CDs of Metal style music in the style of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, with hints of Metallica and Megadeth.
The plan is to find the right voice for the music, record the 2 CDs, shoot videos for certain songs to promote the music upon its release. Videos for YouTube and ad/video for CDs release on youtube homepage to coincide with music release on music selling sites and links to everything. Youtube homepage ad/video will reach very large audience to make aware of the new music.
Yes, the idea is to make revenue from the music (hopefully) haha, the marketing and promo stuff will be there, so the music has its chance to shine, or fail, the one important factor above all is the voice that sings it, THATS WHERE YOU COME IN THE EQUATION. ARE YOU THE NEXT VOICE THAT OTHER SINGERS WILL WANNA SOUND LIKE, CAN YOU SCREAM LIKE ROB HALFORD, BRUCE DICKINSON, SING LIKE DIO, JAMES PAUL LUNA, TIM "RIPPER" OWENS, GEOFF TATE, DAVE MUSTAINE, JAMES HETFIELD, OR JUST LIKE YOU ! IS YOUR VOICE OR STYLE UP TO THE LEVEL THAT YOU CAN FRONT THE SOUND OF THE 'BAND' ????


This will be an internet 'band' per say, and know knows, if music takes off and one day people wanna see this band live, well, never say never, hahaha

Anyways, hope to hear from ya !
Based in the Niagara Region, but can work with anyone, anywhere through online stuff, musicians from different parts of the world have made music together, and made albums.

Contact - Darren
Email, darrenfreeman414@gmail.com